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Networks are typically seen as static structures with links and vertices constantly fixed and available. Nevertheless, natural and artificial systems vary in time and consequently a static framework becomes insufficient in many cases to fully capture the complexity of the dynamics. Human communication and contact patterns are typical examples where the availability of high-resolution temporal data reveals structures once hidden in the static network, as for example, bursts of activity, causality, concurrency, and cyclic oscillations.


The goal of this workshop is to gather researchers and practitioners from diverse disciplines interested in fundamental aspects and applications of temporal and dynamic networks, from theoretical and computational modeling, to algorithms, network analysis and data collection. The workshop welcomes participants, among others, from physics, computer science, applied math, engineering, epidemiology, ecology, biology, sociology, political sciences, economics, and the industry. We aim to create an eclectic and friendly atmosphere to promote cross-fertilization and encourage collaboration between different domains.

The scope of the workshop includes but is not restricted to:

  •  Methods, protocols and equipment (or devices) to collect longitudinal network data
  •  Data structures for temporal networks
  •  Visualization of temporal and dynamic networks
  •  Network analysis
  •  New measures/metrics for temporal or for dynamic structures
  •  Community detection, motifs, and centrality measures on temporal networks
  •  Models of temporal and dynamic networks
  •  Co-evolution of infections and network structure
  •  Co-evolution of information and network structure
  •  Co-evolution of opinions and network structure
  •  Feedback mechanisms between structure and dynamic processes
  •  Synchronization on dynamic networks
  •  Spatiotemporal networks
  •  Dynamics of ecological and social networks
  •  Human behavior affecting the evolution of networks
  •  Traffic and congestion in evolving networks
  •  Mobility and transportation networks

TDN 2013 (Temporal and Dynamic Networks: From Data to Models) is a two-day workshop focused on all aspects of temporal and dynamic networks. The workshop is co-located with NetSci 2013,

the annual conference on network science, that will take place

in Copenhagen, Denmark, from 3 to 7 of June, 2013.

The organizers of TDN 2013 kindly invite the interested individuals to submit an abstract for either a talk or a poster presentation. Contributions will be reviewed by at least 2 members of the

TDN 2013 program committee.

Abstract submission is closed. Deadline was April 6, 2013.​

Decisions have been taken on April 25, 2013.

Confirmation of participation May 3, 2013.

Now available

The List of Participants here.

The Program here.

The Book of Abstracts here.

*If there is a mistake in any of these files, please, contact us as soon as possible.

Time dynamics of the twitter conversation about the general strike of March 29, 2012 in Spain. By EstebanMoro.

The satellite is partly supported by the EPIFOR project (EC ERC Ideas contract n.ERC-2007-Stg204863,, the Academie Universitaire Louvain and Marie Curie Actions, the Namur Center for Complex Systems (University of Namur, Belgium), the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain), and Aalto University (Finland).

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